Project Description

This project is a notification service for WordPress users that utilizes a personalized Wapuu character to deliver important messages. In addition to receiving notifications, users can also customize and unlock various items for their Wapuu character by completing tasks within their WordPress instance. Additionally, other plugins can create and assign tasks through a hook system, allowing users to unlock even more items for their Wapuu.

Target Audience
  • This project is seeking developers working with PHP and/or ReactJS
  • We also want to work with designers familiar with vector images to Design the Wapuus and items
  • Textual contributors
Hackathon Goals

Our goals with Wapuugotchi during the CloudFest Hackathon:

  • Brainstorm ideas on how to get users to engage with their instance in a fun way, building a stronger affinity for WordPress.
  • Provide an engaging way for WordPress users to receive important notifications over their personalized Wapuu.
  • Create a hook system that enables other plugins to add notifications, quests and (unlockable) items.
  • Improve user productivity and engagement within the WordPress platform.
  • Build items that can be used to customize the Wapuu.

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