Enable Mastodon Apps for WordPress and its Plugins

Project Description

Social networks offer a straightforward user interface for common activities such as posting and commenting, while traditional CMS tend to be more intricate.

Distributed social networks present an opportunity for WordPress to regain this advantage. While ActivityPub enables decentralized communication technically, the user interface and user experience remain cumbersome.

Target Audience

We want to enhance the ‘Enable Mastodon Apps’ plugin and, therefore, we aim to work on either:

  1. The WordPress API, the Mastodon API, and API Authentication (OAuth).
  2. An internal API to enable other plugins to extend the Enable Mastodon Apps API using WordPress’ hook system.
  3. The Block Editor, optimizing the mapping of content published through a Mastodon App to WordPress Blocks as effectively as possible.

If this piques your interest or you are interested in the Fediverse and or Mastodon in general, welcome to the team!

Hackathon Goals

This project aims to make WordPress and its plugins compatible with applications initially created for Mastodon by incorporating the Mastodon API. By improving Alex Kirks’ “Enable Mastodon Apps” plugin with an internal API, other plugins will also be able to provide their functionality.

This enhancement would yield the same benefits as a traditional social network: a unified user interface for publishing, sharing, commenting, liking, and following.

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