JSON Schema Field/Form Renderer

Project Description

There are a variety of approaches to adding forms and fields to WordPress, but they are not standardized and generally require writing a lot of boilerplate code. Generally, a lack of a “content modeling” solution makes WordPress less competitive in the broader CMS market.

This project will explore using structured JSON schema to drive the forms and fields of dynamic admin interfaces. We’ll use an existing react-JSON schema-form library to render the JSON schema as WordPress core UI components. We’ll then build a variety of examples to demonstrate the system’s functionality and flexibility.

Hackathon Goals

Our specific project goals include:

  • Having a lot of fun 🙂
  • Creating a reusable component that takes JSON Schema as input and outputs block editor UI form fields and validation.
  • Preparing example usages of the renderer, including a WordPress admin page, custom block editor interfaces, blocks that produce forms on the front end, plugin settings pages, etc.
  • Collecting feedback on the approach’s viability from key WordPress and Gutenberg contributors.
  • Stretch goal: Exploring the variety of options for how form data can be stored (e.g. options, serialized block data, post meta, custom database tables)
  • Stretch goal: Explore integrating a full-featured JSON schema editor into WordPress using Monaco Editor Framework or similar.
Target Audience

Our target audience is developers and UX designers who would love to see a forms and fields API in WordPress.

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