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Project Description

Accessibility in web- and app development is overwhelming, where it really does not need to be. Currently, it feels like it’s coming at us like a tsunami. Especially with the increased legal pressure around it (ADA, EAA in June 2025, etc.) It has become a topic laced with worry, fear even. There are no shortcuts. You can’t fake accessibility. 

The good news is that digital accessibility is not really that complex, if implemented from the beginning.

Specifically for developers who depend on the use of frameworks and specific libraries, this project intends to optimize access to information about creating accessible software, apps and websites. In a way that makes sense to a developer.

There’s a lot of talk about digital accessibility, and yet it’s not easy to find one central resource about development frameworks and libraries with a practical approach. Information is scattered everywhere. WCAG documentation is overwhelming and dryer than the Sahara in Summer. Digging through the web is time consuming and frustrating. Besides, many sources aim to reach a broader audience, which is noble. But not always practical.

We don’t always have a choice which framework we work with. Frameworks adopt various strategies regarding accessibility. Some are designed with built-in accessibility features, while others offer minimal built-in support but compensate with comprehensive documentation for developers to implement accessibility themselves. In the worst case, certain frameworks may not offer the necessary tools for developers to enhance accessibility, or they might permit customization for accessibility but lack any guiding documentation.

Target Audience

To make this happen, we need both frontend and backend developers with and without experience in digital accessibility, accessibility specialists, including auditors, and people who rock researching the web for specific information, with knowledge of semantic HTML.

Hackathon Goals

The goal is to create a central, very practical and time saving resource for developers in a way that it actually makes sense. Think along the lines of We have the domain (and .org) at our disposal.  A place where the why, how and hacks per framework and library are neatly ordered, and new information can be added without unnecessary hurdles. We aim to start with one or two leading frameworks as the example for the rest.

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