Public Sector Website Funding Transparency

Project Description

Our tax money funds countless website launches and updates across the public sector. But what technology powers these sites – open-source solutions or proprietary software?  Where are they hosted? Are there regional differences between states or trends we can track in municipalities?  Understanding these choices influences not only costs but also potential security and innovation implications.

Let’s build a tool to take regular snapshots of approximately 2,000 public sector domains in Germany. We’ll analyze them and track patterns over time, revealing how technology decisions evolve within the public sector. If this works well, we could create a similar tool for our European partners to use with their local domains – imagine the insights a cross-country comparison could reveal!

Hackathon Goals
  • Start with a pilot set of several hundred domains.
  • Analyze results to validate the approach and refine the tool.
  • Create a public portal to showcase findings and promote transparency.
Target Audience

Concept Architects, Programmers, Designers, SysOps, Data Scientists

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