Championing Innovation and Impact

This year, we’re not just about coding and creating; we’re once more about making a real-world impact that echoes far beyond the event itself.

A Legacy of Giving Back

Reflecting on the triumph of last year’s Hackathon, our community came together to fully fund a scholarship for a gifted female developer from Uganda, who has since completed her training and obtained her certification. This year, we’re honored to welcome her among us as a participant, allowing you to witness firsthand the profound difference your contributions can make.

Meet Vanessa at the CloudFest Hackathon 2024!
Continuing Our Commitment

In 2024, we’re thrilled to continue our collaborative efforts with CloudFest and Groundbreaker on the Groundbreaker Talents initiative. providing scholarships for IT training to aspiring female developers in Uganda, equipping them with the skills to thrive in the digital landscape and contribute to a sustainable and accessible open web.

The Awards: Celebrating Your Impact

Our goal for this year’s Hackathon is to fund another full scholarship through the awards we present.
This is where our esteemed partner and attendee companies come in:
We invited them to sponsor an award category, contributing to a cause that extends the spirit of the Hackathon throughout the year and beyond.

Thank you for supporting us in making a lasting difference!

Award Categories Spotlight

This year’s award categories reflect the essence of innovation, collaboration, and social impact.

Future Of The Web Award:
Integrate MariaDB Catalogs with PHP Platforms

sponsored by
Awarded to the team whose innovative project forecasts the future of the web through technological foresight and explores new problems and new approaches to solving them.
Dream Team Award:
Follow The Money
(Public Sector Website Funding Transparency)

sponsored by Codeable
For the team that demonstrates exceptional teamwork, collaboration, and communication throughout the hackathon.
Social Media Master Award:
Can Everyone Use ____?

sponsored by
Highlighting the team that creates the most buzz on social media during the hackathon.
Web Impact Award:
Can Everyone Use ____?

sponsored by
Recognizes the team whose project significantly uplifts sustainable, inclusive, and ethical web practices and promises a lasting positive impact on the web and how it is used and evolved responsibly.
Pitch Perfect Award:
JSON Schema Field/Form Renderer

co-sponsored by CloudLinux & imunify 360
Rewarding the team that delivers the most compelling and engaging project presentation for all.
Overall Winner
Can Everyone Use ____?

sponsored by Automattic
For the team that hacks its way to the top, emerging as the ultimate #CFHack Champion at the CloudFest Hackathon 2024.
The Jury

Our esteemed jury is dedicated to overseeing this friendly competition and ensuring that our collective efforts translate into meaningful support for the next generation of developers:

  • Lucas Radke, President of the jury, project mentor (Automattic)
  • Carole Olinger, Head of CloudFest Hackathon (Yoast)
  • Alain Schlesser, project mentor (Yoast)
  • Simon Kraft, media partner (PressWerk &
  • Kelli Gray, jury member(WebPros)
  • Bob Dunn, media partner (Do The Woo)
  • Leoni Rossberg, jury member (Groundbreaker Talents)

How Can You Contribute?

Beyond your meaningful contributions to open-source projects during the CloudFest Hackathon – and possibly securing an award – you can individually support the project. Donations can be made through the Groundbreaker platform: Groundbreaker Donation Link.

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