We’re keeping the CloudFest Hackathon tradition alive by focusing on projects that resonate with our core principles. All projects are a testament to our commitment to the world of open source:

Not-for-profit: Giving back to the #OSS communities remains our top priority

Interoperable: Ensuring seamless interaction across different systems

Open-source: Of course! Fostering innovation through collaboration and transparency

Curious about how these align with the hosting sector?
We’re actively seeking projects that not only welcome innovation but also enhance the experience for all CloudFest attendees.

To encourage friendly competition between the projects, there will be a jury to determine a winner in different categories. And staying true to our ethos, the corresponding awards will be directed to support a charity project.

All Projects for 2024 Unveiled!

Each project promises a unique blend of challenge and innovation. Dive into the details of our projects for the CloudFest Hackathon 2024 and start envisioning your role in these groundbreaking endeavors:

Check out our CloudFest Hackathon 2023 project results:

Goal-Oriented Projects

Embarking on a project but uncertain about the endgame?
We’re right here to help!

We invite you to reflect on
the anticipated outcome during the CloudFest Hackathon
and the envisioned trajectory post-hackathon.

Our focus goes beyond initiating projects – we aim for concrete results, milestones, and a well-charted path.

And guess what? You won’t be sailing this ship alone. Two seasoned mentors are on board to guide your project vision. Their combined experience and expertise will be invaluable in making your project a standout success.

Alain Schlesser

Principal Architect at Yoast
Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies
Maintainer WP-CLI

Lucas Radke

Product Manager
at Automattic/WordPress VIP
Hosting Team Rep WordPress
WordCamp Europe co-organizer

Already have an interesting #OSS project idea but want preliminary feedback from our mentors?
Touch base with us via email: hackathon@cloudfest.com

Together we’ll put the finishing touches on your Hackathon project idea. 🤝

Past Projects

Meet our esteemed CF Hackathon 2024 Partners:

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