WordPress Tools for Hosting Providers

Project Description

WordPress is the most used content management system in the world, and that implies, mainly, that hosting providers have to adapt to all its new features.

Knowing that the next versions of WordPress work correctly, maintaining compatibility with web servers, databases and, mainly, PHP, is a challenge for both the Core, as for the other extensions (plugins, themes, CLI …).

With the current PHPUnit Tests tools, we only get so far. But what is the limit?

Target Audience

Mainly PHP developers who are used to doing unit tests (PHP Unit Tests) and who want to extend and improve their testing tools.

Hackathon Goals

Improve the WordPress unit testing tools to not only analyze WordPress Core but include the ability to test more complex installations with common plugins or themes, and the WP-CLI tools.

Improve reporting so that information flows in a better way to both hosting companies and the corresponding WordPress teams (Test, Core, Hosting) and plugin and theme developers.

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