Integrating MariaDB Catalogs with PHP Platforms

Project Description

At CloudFest 2023, the MariaDB Foundation had discussions with many hosting providers about how we could help make MariaDB better for them. The end result of those discussions is a new feature called “Catalogs”. This feature allows for an isolated collection of users and databases. Effectively containerisation inside of MariaDB Server.

The Catalogs feature allows hosting providers to control siloed accounts for their customers, whilst keeping the more memory-hungry parts of MariaDB Server into one single process, saving expensive resources.

But for the Catalogs feature to reach its full potential, we need integrations into the popular frameworks and CMSs, as well administrative interfaces in those applications for people to be able to use it.

For this hackathon, we therefore propose to explore the following areas:

  • Build a generic PHP library that provides a PHP interface for programmatic control of the Catalogs feature, like a CRUD interface, status querying, etc…
  • Build integrations into popular PHP CMSs or frameworks, like WordPress (as a WP-CLI command and. or a multisite driver), Drupal, Joomla!, Laravel, etc…
Target Audience

Database enthusiasts, PHP developers, security experts and everyone interested in getting their favorite PHP framework/CMS to support a cutting-edge database feature.

Hackathon Goals

At the end of the hackathon, we aim to have a usable PHP package that can be pulled in via Composer and allows a PHP application to communicate with the MariaDB Catalogs feature, as well as one or more direct integrations of that package into CMSs or frameworks, like WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Laravel, …

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