Multidomain solution for Joomla!

Project Description

In this project, we will develop a multidomain solution for the content management system (CMS) Joomla! This solution aims to make website management easier and more efficient by allowing users to host multiple websites on a single Joomla! installation, rather than needing to set up a separate installation for each website.

One key benefit of this approach is that it will save space on web hosts, as users will be able to host multiple websites on a single installation rather than needing to manage multiple hosting accounts. Also, the big implementation effort is highly reduced with multidomain. This can be especially useful for users who are running multiple small websites or those who are on a limited budget.

Additionally, implementing a multidomain solution is expected to improve the overall user experience when managing multiple websites, as admins will no longer need to switch between multiple installations or remember login information for multiple accounts.

Meanwhile, hosting providers can advertise this feature when they support multidomain.

Target Audience

Everyone who is interested in looking beyond the horizon and working with a community-driven CMS. If you have some experience with PHP, working with a framework or have experience in creating a user interface, you’re welcome to join this project.

Hackathon Goals
  1. Develop a functional prototype of the multidomain solution that allows users to create and manage multiple websites from a single Joomla! installation.
  2. Design and implement a user-friendly interface for the multidomain solution that makes it easy for users to navigate and use.
  3. Test and debug the multidomain solution to ensure that it is stable and reliable.
  4. Document the multidomain solution and create user guides and tutorials to help users get started with the solution.
  5. Get third-party developers on board to help them test the implementation for their extension.
  6. Work with the Joomla! community to gather feedback on the multidomain solution and incorporate that feedback into the final product.

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