MariaDB health checks in WordPress

Project Description

MariaDB Server is one of the most popular open-source databases. It enjoys a rich ecosystem of storage engines, plugins, and many other tools. This makes it very versatile in a wide variety of use cases. The MariaDB Foundation exists to ensure that MariaDB Server stays open, help to increase its adoption, and work towards growing an ecosystem around it.

We at the MariaDB Foundation love WordPress and regularly test our releases against it. As such, we would love to make MariaDB Server easier to manage for our WordPress users.

For this hackathon project, we would like you to create a WordPress Feature Project ( that can give suggestions on how to improve the health of your MariaDB installation. It should also be able to provide current health-related metrics (graphs) based on the statistics stored within MariaDB.

The following features should be included in such a project:

  • Modular enough to allow similar checks with other database servers, but developing the support for these is outside of scope.
  • Check to see if histograms have been run on MariaDB Server, with the option to run them ( It should be possible to undo this too.
  • Check the current MariaDB Server version number to see if an update is available, with links to obtain the update.
  • Additionally, check to see if the version is reaching near end of life.
  • Collect data for, and display, health graphs based on MariaDB Server variables and information_schema data.
  • Ability to override the MariaDB update links for hosting providers.
Target Audience

Anyone with experience working inside WordPress or general developers who know a little bit of PHP. The project will also need people who know UI and UX. An understanding of MariaDB is not essential, as a MariaDB Foundation representative will be with you to help.

Hackathon Goals

The goal is to create a WordPress Feature Project that can provide health information and advice for the MariaDB installation underneath it.

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