In-browser WordPress development environment

Project Description

Now that WordPress can run completely in the browser using WebAssembly via the WordPress Playground project, it’s time to bring the entire WordPress development environment into the browser.

There are many use cases that this would open up. It could serve as the work area for the Learn WordPress courses. Or it could be used to have unique URLs that point to replicable bug reports.

This project aims to explore browser platforms like Browsix to allow a full development workflow to happen in the browser—think `wp-env` but without requirements on your own platform, just a click away in your browser.

Target Audience

For the hackathon, we’d like to explore many aspects related to WordPress development:

  • Editing files from the WordPress Playground in VS Code. 
  • Contributing to WordPress core: using wordpress-develop in WordPress Playground, making modifications, and running PHPUnit tests.
  • Contributing to Gutenberg: using the GitHub version of Gutenberg, making modifications and recompiling, running JavaScript tests, and live reload for changes.
  • Contributing to WP-CLI: using WP-CLI in a terminal session, making modifications to WP-CLI commands, and running Behat changes.
  • Committing changes and creating a pull request.
  • Saving WordPress Playground state to a file, to make it easier to share interactive bug reports.

Our ideal goal is to produce a functional demo for one or two of these aspects, and to have explored potential implementations for several others. We may get stuck and deliver nothing. We shall see!

Hackathon Goals

Developers who feel comfortable with a non-standard and novel technology stack: WordPress, JavaScript, Web Assembly, Shell, POSIX

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