Cookie Analysis Tool

Project Description

To respond effectively to changes driven by the Privacy Sandbox and make use of the opportunities offered by the new APIs and solutions website owners and maintainers need first to understand in detail how their sites are currently making use of affected technologies, which are 3rd-party cookies (3PC), user agent string and user IP.

Arguably, the broadest affected surface consists of 3PC, so the highest priority efforts currently need to be focused on the challenges associated with their deprecation.

Many modern sites make use of dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of cookies to support the most diverse set of functionalities: from advertising to traffic analytics, to personalization, to fraud and abuse prevention. Often no single person within an organization has a full overview of the cookies in play and their purpose.

We are looking for creative ways for developers to investigate their usage of 3rd-party cookies and learn how to fix potential breakage.

Target Audience

Developers who care about user privacy and want to create solutions and tooling that help devise and improve upon privacy-safe web interactions.

Hackathon Goals

Build a tool for developers to help them understand and mitigate usage of 3PC on their websites. This could be in Chrome DevTools, a website, an extension, or something else!

The tool should be able to receive a website URL or act on a URL that is loaded in the browser.

Important questions for developers that this tool might answer:

  • Is my site affected by 3rd party cookie deprecation?
  • Which cookies or storage are being blocked (and which website is setting these cookies)?
  • How can I fix this? What are some actionable alternatives to my usage of 3PC?

We’d love to see creative ideas for advanced visualization and allowing developers to interact with the tool to change parameters and test their changes.

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