A search engine for WordPress developers

Project Description

Introducing “docs_dangit”, a search engine specifically designed for WordPress developers. With docs_dangit you can easily find the code examples you need from a variety of official documentation sources, all in one place. Simply enter a keyword or phrase, and docs_dangit will return a list of relevant code examples; be it PHP code or WP-CLI command. Plus, with advanced filtering options, you can narrow down your search results to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Target Audience

It’s not really mandatory for this to be built in PHP, but for the sake of future maintenance it is preferred language. JavaScript is welcomed as well. The main target audience is developers who would like to build this tool.

Hackathon Goals

The only problem with this search engine is that it doesn’t exist.
Let’s build it together, starting with Code reference and WP-CLI handbooks, and make the world a little bit better. Name is open for voting (e.g. add_love, remove_pain etc).

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