CloudFest Hackathon Agenda

The 2024 Agenda Is Here!

As anticipation builds for the CloudFest Hackathon 2024, we’re thrilled to unveil the agenda finally.
Set against the vibrant backdrop of Europa-Park, this year’s hackathon promises an engaging mix of innovation, collaboration, and fun, all dedicated to forging the future of open-source technology.

Day 1 – Kickoff to Innovation

The event kicks off on March 16th at the Santa Isabel Hotel, where attendees will be greeted in the grand Convento & Refectorium rooms—a perfect setting for creative minds to converge.
The day begins with an official welcome and project presentations, followed by intensive hacking sessions that dive deep into the world of open-source projects.
An evening social event will cap off the day, offering a chance for participants to relax, network, and exchange ideas.

Day 2 – Deep Dive into Development

The second day continues with more hacking and opportunities for informal collaboration.
Attendees and project leads will further develop their projects with the ongoing support of our esteemed project mentors, Lucas Radke (Automattic) and Alain Schlesser (Yoast).
Another social event in the evening promises more networking and fun in the unique atmosphere of Europa-Park.

Day 3 – Showcasing Achievements

The final day of the hackathon focuses on finalizing projects and preparing for the presentation of results. This day is a culmination of hard work and innovation, with each team presenting their achievements.
The event concludes with an awards ceremony, recognizing the outstanding contributions and successes of the participants while supporting the GroundBreaker Talents project.

Special Addition on March 15: Early-Bird Gathering

This year, we’re adding a special early-bird gathering on March 15th at the Restaurant Medici & Cesare in the Colosseo hotel. It’s a casual prelude to the main event where attendees can meet and mingle ahead of the intense hacking days. Please note that food and drinks at this gathering will be at your own expense.

Beyond the Hackathon

The excitement doesn’t end with the hackathon. Participants are encouraged to join the WP Day or the Intel AI Summit (tba) happening right after on Monday, March 18, or simply enjoy the legendary CloudFest 2024 Opening Party in the streets of Europa Park.

Hackathon goes CloudFest: Presentation of Results

Don’t miss the opportunity to showcase the fruits of your labor during the main CloudFest event!
Our Presentation of Results session on Tuesday, March 19th will bring the innovative solutions and collaborative efforts from the hackathon to the larger CloudFest audience. This is your chance to highlight your hard work, share your project’s impact, and maybe even take the stage yourself in the CloudFest Arena.

We’re setting the stage for a hackathon that not only challenges but inspires. With a blend of technical rigor, community spirit, and sheer enjoyment, CloudFest Hackathon 2024 is the place to be for anyone passionate about shaping the future of open-source software. Whether you’re a coder, a designer, a tech visionary, or an open-source enthusiast, this event promises an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate, learn, and innovate. Join us for an unforgettable experience!

Hotel Colosseo

17:00 – 19:00: Early Badge Pickup at CloudFest Info Counter
Avoid the morning rush by picking up your attendee badge early! The CloudFest Info counter will be open exclusively for hackathon attendees in the lobby of the Colosseo hotel. Get your badge, beat the queue, and get ready for an exciting start!

From 18:00: Welcome Dinner
Join us for a casual get-together at the Restaurant Medici & Cesare. It’s a perfect opportunity to meet hackathon attendees before the event kicks off.
N.B. Food and drinks are not covered and have to be paid for.




Badge Pickup at CF Info Counter
Check in for the CloudFest Hackathon and pick up your badge at the lobby of the Santa Isabel hotel.
Arrival at the Venue
Welcome to the Santa Isabel hotel! Get settled in the Convento & Refectorium rooms and gear up for an exciting start.
Official Welcome and Kick-Off 🎤
A heartfelt welcome and an introduction to the hackathon, setting the stage for what’s ahead.
Project Presentation
Dive into the project introductions. Pick the challenge that calls out to you the most.
Time to Hack! 💻
Form teams, meet your project lead(s), and start brainstorming on your chosen project.
Lunch Break
It’s time to recharge with some nourishment.
Also, it is a perfect window to formally check in to your hotel if you haven’t yet.
Time to Hack! 💻
Continue collaborating with your team on your hackathon project.
Enjoy a well-deserved meal and drinks at the Sala Santa Isabel restaurant.
Mario Kart Tournament – Let’s a go!
Get ready for the return of a CloudFest Hackathon classic.
Fun, laughter, and a healthy dose of competitive spirit are guaranteed.




Welcome to Day 2 and Inventory
Quick morning check-in. Need any adjustments? Extra support? Let’s make sure every team is set up for success.
Time to Hack! 💻
Dive back into your project work with fresh energy.
Lunch Break
You gotta feed the machine! Another round of delicious fuel to keep you going.
Time to Hack! 💻
Keep up the momentum on your project with your team.
Wind down with another delicious dinner at the Sala Santa Isabel restaurant.
The Blue Fire Megacoaster Event – brought to you by Intel
For the first time, Europa-Park is opening its doors exclusively during the CloudFest Hackathon. Prepare to experience the thrill of the legendary Blue Fire Megacoaster.




Welcome to Day 3!
Let’s kick off the final day of this hackathon!
Time to Hack! 💻
Use these last hours wisely to polish your project before the final presentation.
Submission of Project Results
Project leads, it’s time to submit your slides for presentation and the jury’s review.
Presentation of Results
Keep up the momentum on your project with your team.
Lunch Break & Jury consultation
Enjoy your final lunch with fellow hackers as the jury deliberates.
Awards and Official Closing Remarks 🎤
Celebrating the winners and wrapping up with closing remarks
Location: Alhambra, Hotel El Andaluz
The Choice is Yours!
Participate in the WP Day, and the Intel AI Summit,
or continue to work on your hackathon project in the Santa Isabel hotel, Biblioteca Magellan.
Come2Gather in the Streets
Don’t miss the legendary CloudFest 2024 Opening Party in the streets of Europa-Park, featuring the infamous Lords of Uptime. 🤘🎉
Tuesday, at the CloudFest Arena Stage – 17:10

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