Wappspector: CLI utility to scan and identify the CMS/eCommerce/top frameworks used in a hosting server’s websites

Project Description

We propose the development of a command-line interface (CLI) utility to analyze the file structure of a web hosting server and identify the frameworks and CMS used in the websites hosted on it. This utility will function similarly to Wappalyzer, but with the following differences:

  • It will examine the app structure on the file system rather than making HTTP requests, allowing it to identify technologies used on non-resolved or staging websites.
  • It will have a focus on CMS and eCommerce applications, enabling it to identify the most popular apps with higher accuracy.
  • It will have an extendable mechanism that allows hosting providers to customize the utility to their needs, or provide simple instructions for adding new checks.
Target Audience

Would you like to know which CMS/technologies your customers use?
Do you want to provide reliable instruments for them based on analytics data?
Can you write code fast using PHP or Go languages?
Feel free to join and help us!

Hackathon Goals

The goal of this hackathon project is to create an MVP of the CLI utility, which will scan the vhost’s folders and display results for the most popular CMS/eCommerce/framework technologies used in the websites it is hosting.

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